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    Hubei Kelun to post job skills knowledge test


    Hubei Kelun to post job skills knowledge test

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      In order to guide all staffs to establish the concept of "Lifelong Learning", to motivate their enthusiasm and initiative in self-learning and to create a strong learning atmosphere, Hubei Kelun organized the staffs to conduct post operation skills knowledge on January 5, 2018 examination.

      This examination involves all positions related knowledge, including test posts, test questions, endotoxin job questions, job control questions and QA post test questions. In 2 hours of examination time, examiners take seriously, serious answer. Examination results will be the department and staff year-end evaluation, evaluation and promotion of an important basis for appointment.

      Through this exam, examiners have a more profound understanding of each post related knowledge and expertise, as well as a better understanding of other posts.

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