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    Zhejiang Guogong held a new plant infusion plant production mobilization ceremony


    Zhejiang Guogong held a new plant infusion plant production mobilization ceremony

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      Although the hard work of thousands of Amoy million, Phi yellow sand until gold. January 5, 2018, Zhejiang Jianguang grandly held a new plant infusion plant production mobilization ceremony. Tan Hongbo, deputy general manager of Cornell Pharmaceuticals, Wu Xiaoyu, director of Production Technology Department, Mou Chunlei, general manager of Zhejiang Guoguang, and leaders of Production Technology Department and Engineering and Equipment Department of Zhejiang Guoguang attended the workshop.

      "Coron, Coron, cherish the industry's dream of serving the country, carrying the hope of national industry ... ..." Coron ringing the park played a song, Zhejiang Jianguang new plant infusion plant commissioning ceremony officially began. Mu Chunlei, General Manager of Zhejiang Guo Mirror, gave a mobilization speech. "After one year and six months, the construction of a first-class factory was completed and lasted for three months. Two GMP certificates, one flight check and one GSP certificate were successfully completed. Insurmountable achievements, defended the dignity of Zhejiang National Mirror. "The formal start-up of infusion workshop, marking the formal completion of the relocation of Zhejiang National Mirror project to achieve a manufacturing production capacity from the past to the future a huge leap forward. He demanded that all staff, on the premise of product quality and safety, firmly establish the long-term goal of a double-quality and efficiency benchmark and achieve lofty mission with lofty heroism and dedication. In particular, the management cadres should pay more attention to the charge, Rewarding the Group with Action and Performance, Contributes to Cologne's Development.

      Tan Hongbo, deputy general manager of Cologne Pharmaceutical Group, on behalf of the Group General Manager Department, expressed his congratulation on the commissioning of the infusion plant of the new factory of Zhejiang Guoguang. He said that as the world's infusion of the king, Coron Group to the international advanced production lines and automated equipment, the Zhejiang National Mirror into a transfusion of the benchmark for the whole group, and hope that the advantages of Zhejiang Zhuangguo continuous optimization of human resources, a huge group of resources and With the strong support of local government departments, we can ensure good product quality and high production efficiency, overcome difficulties and accomplish historic missions.

      In the end, all the participants conducted the oath of Corinthian oath and collective oath of quality concept.

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